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There are some large warehouse spaces across the street from my home that have been turned into stages used to film various television shows and such, I really don't pay much attention to what shows, but sometimes we get informed of filming that might concern the locals. I got a flyer on my door the other day from 20th Century Fox with the following message.

Dear Neighborhood Residents:
We are proposing to film scenes for our television series "24" on Thursday, Oct 21st and Friday, October 22nd from 7:00 AM to 12:00 PM at our stage located at ---------.

Our planned activity is for INTERIOR *FULL LOAD AUTOMATIC GUNFIRE*

We are working very closely with the City of Los Angeles to obtain all of the necessary permits. We understand that while in the area we are your guests and will work hard to minimize our impact on your neighborhood. If you have any concerns, feel free to contact me at the number below. In case of an emergency, you may also contact the L.A. Film Office at --------. Thank you for helping support film production in Southern California.

Bill --------
Production Manager
Now, there's only a few questions I have about this letter. Could you at least mention that you will be shooting blanks? I mean "full load automatic gunfire" doesn't sound too safe. Also, If there is an emergency, the L.A. Film Office will NOT be the first people I call. Oh, and tell Kiefer to come over and join me for lunch. I want to add him to my list in the previous post.

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Oh. My. GOD! 24 is one of my favies! Eeeeeeee!

Broad said @ 10/21/2004 02:18 PM PST

Watching season 2 right now on DVD...so I guess he will survive a little longer?

Jeff said @ 10/21/2004 07:53 PM PST

Another couple hours anyway.

Brooks said @ 10/21/2004 08:15 PM PST

Hmm... I don't know, but "full load" automatic gunfire sounds like the non-blank variety.

Codos said @ 10/22/2004 09:45 AM PST

I LOVE 24. Great show, but you can't miss an episode or you get lost. And Kiefer isn't to bad either. Can I have him when you are done with him?

Dame! said @ 10/23/2004 10:01 AM PST

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