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08/23/2004: "A Quick Vacation."

I'm back from a quick trip to Marisa's Mom's house up near Yosemite. Here are some random thoughts.
Favorite town names in between here and Yosemite: Pixley, Weed Patch, Goshen, Arvin.
While listening to my iPod on the car stereo, Bauhaus' version of Ziggy Stardust came on. Marisa asked with a completely straight face "Is this REO Speedwagon?"
I watched more Olympic television coverage than should be legal over the weekend.
I didn't go online for three days!
I bought new shoes at the Nike outlet in Tulare. I do care if they were made by child labor, but it just so happens that the Nike Air Max Moto is one of the only shoes that fits me perfect, so what's a guy to do? If you were wondering what to get me for my belated birthday, I wear a 9.5.

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Brooks, you know I care about feet comfort (ok, maybe you don't know that about me, but I do) so don't be offended when I say that a 9.5 shoe size is not that hard to find in mens' sizes, is it? I mean, you're not a size 15 shoe or anything. Do you reeeeally need to support poor Ravinda in India to make those shoes for you? wink

Megan said @ 08/24/2004 09:14 PM PST

I suppose I could try harder to find a shoe that doesn't make my foot go numb when I step down, but I've tried sooo many on it gets frustrating after a while. I have this weird thing with shoes pushing on the underside of my outer ankle and it drives me crazy. The fact that the shoe of the moment that doesn't hit me in the wrong place is made by Nike is purely coincidental and I wish I could find another. For a while there, it was a shoe by Vans that fit the best, but every time I find one, it eventually gets discontinued and I'm screwed.

Brooks said @ 08/24/2004 10:11 PM PST

Regarding my favorite town names...some of my favorites from the state include:

Towanda, Bushong, Skiddy, Ozawkie, McCracken, Minneola, Pen Dennis, and Kanopolis.

It's interesting what you discover as a regional "tourist". smile

Jen said @ 08/24/2004 10:30 PM PST

You said McCracken.

Brooks said @ 09/01/2004 10:55 PM PST

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