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07/07/2005: "Carly Joy Again"

carlyjoy02 (121k image)

Consultant Update: I'm finding it difficult to print old images...
makeup/hair: Kymber Blake

In my quest to get as many images printed to send to my consultant, I'm finding it hard to pick out older work that I'm not sick off. The problem is that she needs to see as much of my work as possible and she hasn't been looking at it for years so it may not be dated or tired to fresh eyes. I'm always worried that she is going to love something that I hate and suggest that I put it back into my book. Although she may just be trying to see a common thread that connects my old work to the new stuff, I need to let go a little and it can be frustrating. Man, I'm only on the first step of this major career commitment and I'm already having problems. Must... stick... to... plan!

About the image:
Carly Joy Sutherland, u.w.f.b.w.i.s.b.
camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg. I always shoot these types of portraits wide open at 6.8 with a bit of forward tilt on the lens board. That's how I get the shallow depth of field. This was also left out to dry without clearing the neg in Sodium Sulfite solution. The developing solution crystalizes to give the texture. It's different every time.
lighting: Speedotron head with 20" reflector and Xenophon diffuser as the main light. I used a large piece of fomecore as a reflector on the left.

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i'm sure you know what your good photos are, even if you are saturated with them. and i'm also sure that there are many people here online that would be more than happy to be a fresh set of eyes for you.

that being said, keep at those career goals! you are on your way!

chris said @ 07/08/2005 12:19 PM PST

A beautiful shot once again. I'm about to start a new type 55 series myself and your work is a constant source of inspiration and motivation.
I know that sometimes with my photography I can't see the forrest for the trees. It's hard to devest yourself of the emotional attachments to your work and stop being so critical. A lot of times my best prints are not the ones I would have chosen myself (due to over analizing of technical details) but the ones that strike a chord in the viewer. Perhaps if you let a talented artist whose opinions you trust and value review your stuff and give you fresh perspective you might find that thread that you are looking for. Your skill and talent are beyond dispute so finding enough truly soild images for your revised portfolio sould be pretty do-able.

DC said @ 07/12/2005 11:23 AM PST

Thanks DC. I fixed your typo and deleted the other comments. :-)

As far as what you've said. That's one of the biggest jobs of the consultant. The reason I'm trusting her is that she is more of an expert in the industry as a whole and has a much wider perspective than another photographer would. Not that another photographer couldn't get it right, but they're usually struggling with the same issues that I am.

Brooks said @ 07/12/2005 11:38 AM PST

... Issues that are beyond the personal attachment with the images, like what does the market want? Besides, Chris has been looking at my pictures for as long as I have. I'm sure he's sick of them too. :-)

Brooks said @ 07/12/2005 11:40 AM PST

Brooks, stop being so hard on yourself. I love your photographs and am honored to have been part of your amazing art.

CJ said @ 07/12/2005 10:02 PM PST

I'm really not being hard on myself. I understand that I have something to offer, but they aint in Chatsworth! The whole reason for all of this is to have someone outside my own eyes that has a knowledge of the industry give me feedback on what I should be showing and hepl me find who to show it to. If I thought I sucked, then I wouldn't bother, you know?

Brooks said @ 07/13/2005 10:07 AM PST

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