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01/05/2005: "Lily Sleeping"

lilysleeping (37k image)

This doesn't seem like it was that long ago...

Lily was only five weeks old in this picture. That was over two years ago and it seems like last week. My wife Marisa is pretty darn cute in this photo too. :-)

camera/film:Haselblad, 80mm. Kodak T400CN.
lighting: Sometimes you just have to rearrange the furniture to get the light right. I just moved our big chair next to a South facing window. This would have been in the end of November so the sunlight was most likely hitting the floor pretty strong and bouncing up, hence the lack of shadows on Marisa's face.

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That. Is a totally gorgeous picture.

What a completely beautiful family.

Kristin said @ 01/05/2005 11:41 AM PST

How precious!!!

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 01/05/2005 01:05 PM PST

That is a beautiful picture

Emperor Joe said @ 01/05/2005 01:52 PM PST

Sigh..I wish I could understand all the stuff involved with my camera. I love doing underwater photography unfortunatly I have to depend more on pure unadulrated luck for a good photo...Thank goodness for digital so I can just take 500 photos and keep the good ones. Love the site

Alekx said @ 01/05/2005 02:00 PM PST

wow, you're really good at what you do. nice lookin' family too!

Scof said @ 01/05/2005 02:10 PM PST

Wow! This photo takes my breath away. Your wife is beautiful!!!! And so is Lily.

trisha said @ 01/05/2005 02:43 PM PST

This is one of my favorite photos on your site; Lily and Marisa look absolutely gorgeous!

Jenny Kelley said @ 01/05/2005 04:05 PM PST

Thanks everyone. I didn't post this picture to show off my hot wife and cute daughter. :-) I am pretty lucky for a middle aged balding fat guy though.

Brooks said @ 01/05/2005 05:09 PM PST

I thought you said you were running out of ideas on what to post here? That is a great photo, I can't get my wife to pose for anything!

Jeff A said @ 01/06/2005 03:03 AM PST

~a very emotive image...what I/eye like the most and was drawn to immediately, are the hands of your wife and how the cradle the infant's head...a wonderful detail for any viewer to pick up on IMHO~

bttezra said @ 01/06/2005 06:53 AM PST


it's scary how fast they grow up.

ms. lunchbreak said @ 01/06/2005 07:13 AM PST

Even though Brooks it standing right over my shoulder and listening as I comment aloud on how freakin' adorable my niece gorgeous my sister are, I'm still gonna put it on the site...cause they are. Look how little she is! She's a big stinker, now. And I love every second of her!

meghan said @ 01/06/2005 10:16 AM PST


Maura said @ 01/06/2005 10:21 AM PST

It's natural, beautiful and sweet. The contrast between the black and white give very energy to the composition. Congratulations, it's a good shot and subject.


Sakana said @ 01/06/2005 10:52 AM PST

you just need to kiss the ground she walks on you lucky ......... oh, and nice shot

dar said @ 01/06/2005 02:19 PM PST

What a beautiful picture. Wow.

Kimmie said @ 01/07/2005 03:12 AM PST

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