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12/22/2004: "Portrait Of A Photojournalist"

juancarlo02 (57k image)

Juan Carlo is a photojournalist and a rock climber...

I shot this on a bouldering trip a couple years ago. I always find that photographers can make the best and worst subjects. They seem to know what you're looking for, but on the other hand you know they will be critical. As far as I know, he loved the picture.

camera/film: Haselblad, 150mm. Kodak T400CN.
lighting: The sun is directly over head and Juan is standing in the shadow of a large boulder. The light hitting his face is from the light on the ground directly in front of him.

Replies: 3 have commented

Hey thanks for the rec. Nice photography! Your a great portrait artist. Photography is a hobby of mine and I love seeing good work. It's nice to have a photographer apericate my drawing. I know im not what one might call a traditional artist but rest assured the personality and artistic style lies within everything I do, even if its unknoticable to an untrained eye. It's also great to see another blog with artwork and lots o pictures. They tell a thousand words, great stuff!

elliot said @ 12/23/2004 12:20 AM PST

[clears throat]

Thank you.

Houser said @ 12/23/2004 06:11 AM PST

Thanks Elliot.

I couldn't agree more Houser. :-)

Brooks said @ 12/23/2004 09:10 AM PST

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