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10/24/2004: "Are VW Passat Owner's Manuals Worth A Lot?"

So this morning we're trying to get out of the house to go to a Halloween carnival. I'm looking all over for my point n shoot 35mm camera and it's nowhere to be found. I know I left that thing in my car yesterday right after loading a new roll of film in it and taking a quick snap of Lily sitting in her car seat. Something tells me to look in the glove compartment even though I know I didn't put it in there. Hmmm... Why is my glove box COMPLETELY EMPTY!? I'VE BEEN ROBBED! Then I start running the inventory of my car through my head and realize that not only is my camera gone, so is my Tamrac computer bag (sans computer). It had my two check books, my Visor Edge hand held, a 256MB thumb drive, and various receipts and who knows what I'll think of when I go to look for it. Also my Smith Slider sunglasses are gone (not cheap). Uh oh, let's check Marisa's car. Sure enough. Empty glove box and who knows what else. What happened was I had left the garage door open for a few hours yesterday afternoon and some jackholes came in and rummaged through our cars before we closed it later on in the night. So far, total loss comes in somewhere in the $400.00 range.

So now we go through the major pain in the ass of calling Wells Fargo about the check books and trying really hard to think of anything else that might be missing. I swear this kind of shit pisses me off so much. Even though I didn't loose anything major, I still feel violated and it bugs me to think of someone going through my hand held, thumbdrive and my check registries. I haven't been able to shake that shitty feeling all day. My only consolation is that I took my iPod out of my bag the other day.

Oh, and I was mauled by my cat this morning as she used my face for traction while jumping up on the couch I was laying down on. Let's hope for some better luck the rest of the day.

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Gads, sorry to hear about this. I am so paranoid of this happening to me that I try to carry everything I have with me in my backpack. I get a lot of grief about this when walking in to some stores.

Jeff A said @ 10/24/2004 05:52 PM PST

Dude...sorry 'bout that. "Safest city in America" awaits your return.

Jeff said @ 10/24/2004 06:39 PM PST

That totally sucks, man. Some asshole ripped off my daughter's cellphone at a dance last week, but this sucks more cuz of the checkbooks. Hope the rest of your week is significantly more upbeat.

UV said @ 10/24/2004 07:14 PM PST

someone stole my wallet out of my car once. someone mailed my driver's license back to me, but it was still creepy.

hope your week improves.

ms. lunchbreak said @ 10/25/2004 07:58 AM PST

Sorry to hear it. Does your garage have entry into your house? Maybe you can look there for a bright side. Drink to a better week!

Jen said @ 10/25/2004 04:28 PM PST

oh man, that just sucks. So sorry it happened. Maybe you guys should move to Vegas, where the homeless just reach into your car while you are sitting in it if you don't give them money. Geez.

dar said @ 10/25/2004 06:22 PM PST

Yes, the garage is attached to the house and the dead-bolt is always locked out of habit. I think the were just kids who happened to wander by and saw an open door with the lights out. There were many more valuable objects sitting right there in the garage that they didn't touch like a surfboard and power tools. This leads me to believe it was quite an amateur operation. Thanks for all your thought. I think I should mention that the rest of my day went pretty good, especially the party at a hair salon that had Brazilian dancers shaken some major booty. I also had a few drinks. Good times!

Brooks said @ 10/25/2004 07:55 PM PST

Don't you just hate the times when you go through stuff like this? You think...can it get any worse than this...and then something else happens. Let's hope this is the end of your bad streak, and a good one starts right now!

Wes said @ 10/28/2004 10:57 AM PST

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