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09/08/2004: "Lily in The Studio"

15 New pictures up at The Lily Site. (in the "Just Lily" Gallery)


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amazing photo - she is just so beautiful!

dar said @ 09/08/2004 09:01 AM PST

Awwwww... I've been trying to set up my son in arranged marriage with Leta from Dooce, but if her dowry doesn't work out, I just may snag him Lily. So sweet!

Katie said @ 09/08/2004 02:41 PM PST

Brooks she is soooo cute!

Hilary said @ 09/08/2004 02:50 PM PST

Thanks girls. It's always the girls that comment on the kid photos. hmmm.

Brooks said @ 09/08/2004 04:30 PM PST

Cute kid. Excellent choice in color. Blue is my favorite color because it brings out my kick ass cool eyes. That's the best I could do.

Gilday said @ 09/08/2004 06:55 PM PST

That's my Lilypad...man is she cute. How could those stupid modeling agencies not want that face??

meghan said @ 09/08/2004 09:03 PM PST

what a cutie!
and that reminds me that it's time to get mia's two year old photos done.

ms. lunchbreak said @ 09/09/2004 07:34 AM PST

Psst! Let me be the first to say that Lily is CUTE CUTE CUTE!

Oh, wait...I'm not the first, am I?

UV said @ 09/12/2004 07:36 AM PST

Yah. Let's hope she doesn't get a big head before Kindergarten.

Brooks said @ 09/12/2004 11:31 AM PST

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