Friday, November 12, 2004

Mirror Mirror
I found this over at GoldenFiddle and just had to post it here too. Have you ever stood at the edge of a large mirror and done the old "Look at me riding a motorcycle" as the mirror image completes you and you look like you're floating in thin air? Well, Mark Mothersbaugh (You know, of DEVO fame) takes this to a new level with some disturbing, yet funny, yet... still disturbing photographs. Look at Mark Mothersbaugh's Beautiful Mutants Gallery. Oh, you might not want to look before you go to bed.
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Thursday, November 11, 2004

edittoth (29k image)

This is Edit Toth. I shot this portrait after we did a job for one of my hair care clients. I've worked with Edit a couple times and she's one of my all time favorite models. She's from Hungary so I get to sound stupid trying to remember all the silly little Hungarian sayings I learned back in high school. She just puts up with me and smiles politely. Oh, and Szerbusz means Hello.
makeup: Burke Daniel
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Don't Let Me Shoot Your Kicker.
richiec (51k image)

I shot this picture of Richie Cunningham when he was the kicker for the Dallas Cowboys back in '98. Soon after this photo shoot, he started missing... a lot. I'm just saying.
grooming: Yolanda Halston
styling: Lisa Oliver

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Tuesday, November 9, 2004

Chicks Dig Flower Photos.
oorchid (29k image)

Not much to say other than this was scanned off of a 2 1/4 Polaroid and reworked in Photoshop.
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Monday, November 8, 2004

Reptiles and Samurai
Chris5501 (54k image)

This is Chris. He cuts my hair. He also cuts Marisa's hair, and also Meghan's. I was listening to my iPod and "Reptiles and Samurai" by Oingo Boingo came on and it reminded me of this picture. I have no idea why. My mind can't always be bothered with such petty things like logic. Although you wouldn't know it by my hair (he's a artists, not a magician) Chris is a genius with a pair of shears. This was shot on Type 55 Polaroid and flash solarized during development. That's how the evil gets in there!
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Senility and Litter.
Just a quick post about something odd I saw this morning. I was driving down the street when up ahead I saw an old man limping into the street. It looked as if he was going to cross the street, but when he got to the second lane he threw a handful of trash on the ground and then turned around and limped back to the sidewalk. By this time, I was slowing down so I wouldn't run him over. I'm still puzzled by what I saw.
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