Friday, June 11, 2004

Friday Night SUPER Post!
Uh... I got nothin' folks.

Hmmm. I did get to see a middle school fight on my corner today. I like to go out to the corner a few houses down from mine sometimes when school gets out to babysit the kids so they don't act like complete idiots next to our homes. Anyway, the one thing I noticed about this "fight" that differed from the fights I remember from my jr. high days was the favoring of the feet over the fists. Basically there were four kids, two got out of a car and attacked two others one on one. The smaller kids being jumped fell to the ground and the other two mainly kicked and stomped on them and jumped back into a car and had to drive down the sidewalk to escape. I don't know if the jumpers were high school kids or just in the car with a driving aged kid, but it was pretty one sided. The two kids that were attacked got up and were OK it seems. I gave the getaway car plate number to one of the kids. Not that that will be worth anything, but you never know. The only telling characteristic I can give you about the attackers is that they had their caps on crooked, if that tells you anything and I think it does. Wannabe thugs!
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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Trader Joe's Webmaster Sucks
If anyone knows this guy/company, please tell him that he needs to do a little search engine optimization for their site. In the last week, I've been visited by about four different people searching for Trader Joe's related stuff. Hell, Trader Joe's in known for their wine and champagne selection, but if you do a search for Trader Joes champagne (without the apostrophe), I'm number 2! It's all about the apostrophe. MOST PEOPLE DON'T TYPE THE APOSTROPHE IN SEARCH ENGINES! Sorry, I don't expect any comments on such a stupid post.
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Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Please Check ID
"Only the most Matrix-obsessed fanboy would actually use a grid for his signature, but the chick at the Cheesecake Factory didn't look twice. I mean, I didn't even have on a trenchcoat."
I haven't cried while laughing in a while, but The Credit Card Prank just killed me. It's pretty short so don't be shy... Go ahead, click the link. No really.

(via Alfie)
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Tuesday, June 8, 2004

The meme that never was.
Well, it seems that the whole "Stats Messaging" thing didn't quite take off. I don't think too many people quite got it. Anyway, here are a few of the messages that I sent to others with links to their blogs.

Hilary has high self esteem. She is quite the swan!
Brooks says, Stupid Evil Bastard is God.
Mac users love Dave's chalkboard, so why doesn't he love them?
Caoimhe is in love with art books. Her blog is amazing!
Rock Grrrl is NOT intimidated by squirrels. She will feed them milk and cookies.
Copygodd thinks President Bush tastes like chicken!
Megs is the queen of chicago.
John Z Orange is not a maniacal land lobster.
Jen(nifer) has a bunny in her backyard.
Erin always sees the number 27.
Alfie does not look like Dave Attell, but he is too sexy for his shirt.
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