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03/22/2005: "Brian R"

brianr02 (28k image)

Ever wish you had enough money to take care of everyone...?

This is my nephew Brian. He's a troubled kid and has been through a lot in his short twenty years. I only wish I could get him up and running on his own two feet myself. No other details here other than to say that as long as he's on his medication, he's the coolest kid around.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 150mm. Kodak T400CN.
lighting: One Speedotron head inside a Elinchrom Octa Bank.

Replies: 3 have commented

Medication is a funny thing... I struggle with mine everyday. Taking pills can change your life and I don't think most people realize just how scary that can be.

anon said @ 03/23/2005 03:15 PM PST

awesome portrait.

charley said @ 03/25/2005 06:11 AM PST

Damn Brooks. Only 20?

You can see it in his eyes, he's waaaaaaaay older.

Shannon said @ 03/27/2005 01:59 PM PST

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