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03/03/2005: "Please No."

erin01 (47k image)

This is Erin. I think she just turned seventeen when I shot this...
model: Erin
hair: Elia Manoil
makeup: Pamela Lljubo

Her mom was at the shoot and was the coolest mom around. After seeing the first shots on the computer, she said, "Where are the shots of Erin?" It's amazing how much some people are transformed by a little makeup, hair and lights. Anyway, this was part of a very long day of photography for a hair stylist named Elia. You can see more of the shots on his site linked above. Oh, the title of the post refers to the fact that I have a little girl who will be a teenager some day.

camera/film: Canon 10D, 28-105mm.
lighting: Speedotron head with 11" reflector and 20 grid spot as the main light. One Speedotron head with a Chimera XS light bank for fill.

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This is a very visually attractive shot (and I am speaking primarily from an artistic composition point of view). I love the way her hair is too. Excellent movement.

Jon Baas said @ 03/03/2005 11:04 PM PST

awesome. I love the hair, too, but really just the whole shot.

rock grrrl said @ 03/04/2005 08:27 AM PST

How much of a dirty old man did you feel like during this shot.

You're sick...SICK.

Orange said @ 03/04/2005 01:13 PM PST

Whenever I need a real quick perkup, I always know that I can come to your Blog.
Today was no exception. A beautiful young lady treated by a pro. That perfect Combination.

Dave said @ 03/04/2005 01:17 PM PST

whoa... she is gorgeous! c'mon Brooks.. do a brother a favor.. hook me up. wink i gave you my cousin, you owe me something!

Ryan said @ 03/04/2005 02:20 PM PST

Omg, she looks exactly like me!

Alli said @ 03/04/2005 03:34 PM PST

is she you?

Ryan said @ 03/04/2005 11:38 PM PST


Alli said @ 03/05/2005 06:32 PM PST


Ryan said @ 03/06/2005 05:19 PM PST

kind of!

Alli said @ 03/07/2005 11:48 PM PST

ha! =P

Ryan said @ 03/11/2005 02:25 PM PST

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