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02/25/2005: "Take Your Own Baby Pictures"

lilylilylily (49k image)

No amount of technical advice is going to make you as good as Jinky, but...

I get asked A LOT about taking baby pictures when people see the pictures of my Lily. Here's your chance to gain some very simple technical advice on shooting your little one just like I shot the picture here. First let's start with the camera. Now I admit that this was shot with a professional camera with a relatively expensive lens, but you can get similar results from your 4 Mega Pixel. I say similar because I don't know of any point and shoot cameras that have maximum apertures of 1.4 like the lens here. That maximum aperture (f stop) is how I got the shallow depth of field in this shot, meaning that her face is sharp but the focus falls off pretty quickly. Anyway, Next up is the lighting. This was shot next to the sliding glass door to our patio on a sunny day. I opened up the curtains all the way and even closed the umbrella over our patio table to let as much light in as possible. I put Lily in her little pillow on the ground right next to the window and stood over her. All I had to do was wait for the expressions to happen as I shot a whole roll of film. Tada! Now go out there and shoot some baby pictures. Sorry Jinky, I hope you don't lose any customers. :-)

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So damn cute it took my breath away. Thanks for sharing that pick-me-up on a Friday! :-)

Maura said @ 02/25/2005 01:40 PM PST

How adorable is Lilly!!! Wow Brooks, she makes your job as a photographer look easy...haha. Awesome picture. I love coming to your blog to see what shot you'll post next.

Elaine the Nail Artist said @ 02/25/2005 03:26 PM PST

I was drinking a soda when I loaded this page, now it's all over the keyboard. and my nose is sore. thanks!

Ryan said @ 02/25/2005 04:53 PM PST

I love Lily. I love that she kissed me on the lips to say goodbye the first time we met, and I love the fact that she held my hand and walked with me past Joey Buttafuoco like 3 times.

ps, added your lie as a guest entry on




Alli said @ 02/25/2005 07:43 PM PST

eeeeeekkk. so. freaking. cute!

BytchInNY said @ 02/25/2005 09:40 PM PST

So you weren't in a phone booth with Liz Hurley?

Actually, I should have realized that was a lie - there aren't any phone booths any more.

Ontario Emperor said @ 02/25/2005 11:31 PM PST

I have used that technique. I watched her for a half hour at least through that lens. My child was the great stone face whenever she saw a camera. That was as an infant, now when I get the camera out she tries everythin in the book to be my main subject.

Jeff A said @ 02/26/2005 02:45 AM PST

You know..thats great advice! Ill have to try it wink Brooks your the pro here, Im a mere pebble on the face of the pro world compared to your big rock! wink But stop helping my clients haha.

Jinky said @ 02/26/2005 07:08 PM PST

Squeee! I want to squish her! Can I squish her? Just a little bit?

Broad said @ 02/26/2005 09:47 PM PST

hey brooks, if i send you an email invite to be a part of the Liar blog, will you accept it and post on it? We want you as our 4th member. Also, stop blocking every damn email i send. Fucker.

Love and shit,


Alli said @ 02/26/2005 11:45 PM PST

Yes. Send it. I don't know whasup with your emails. I'll email you a couple different addresses to try.

Brooks said @ 02/27/2005 11:39 AM PST

done, done and done.

Alli said @ 02/27/2005 12:33 PM PST

That has to be THE cutest baby picture I've seen in the longest of times. How freaking adorable!

Jessa said @ 02/27/2005 07:01 PM PST

Hi Brooks. Here via FoFuSa. Love your photos! Your daughter is so dang cute!

justme said @ 02/28/2005 07:36 AM PST

Great picture,it stoped me in my tracks as i was surfing BE.

Jim said @ 02/28/2005 07:51 AM PST

My blog is on life and health. I added you to my blogroll. I like the pictures,and your blog.

cb said @ 02/28/2005 05:52 PM PST

Just catching up after being away for a few days...how delightful to be greeted by Lily's beautiful face!

panthergirl said @ 03/02/2005 04:44 AM PST

Thank everyone. She is a cutey. Nothing like a baby picture to bring out the lurkers. :-)

Brooks said @ 03/02/2005 07:36 AM PST

No more pimentos! No more pimentos!

Solomon2 said @ 03/06/2005 04:20 PM PST

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