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02/10/2005: "Portrait of a Makeup Artist"

burke02 (85k image)

This is Burke Daniel. Beware if you work with me, you may end up under the lights too...

I was hooting a beauty shot and Burke was the makeup artist. I told him he was not to leave until I victimized him with my 4x5 camera. These are the dangers of stepping foot in this place.

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, 210mm. Polaroid Type 55 P/N
lighting: Mole Richardson 2K.
The T-55 neg is left out to dry without clearing. That's what all the roughness is about.

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Willful Expose' said @ 02/11/2005 06:19 AM PST

I would like to say, simply; Yummy.

meghan said @ 02/11/2005 01:12 PM PST

Love this one!!

panthergirl said @ 02/11/2005 05:01 PM PST


Lord of Doom said @ 02/12/2005 04:32 AM PST

He's so pretty.

yayaempress said @ 02/12/2005 03:09 PM PST

That would be an average of three words per comment. Straight and to the point folks!

Brooks said @ 02/12/2005 06:51 PM PST

oh wow. freakin a brooks, he's handsome.

Alli said @ 02/14/2005 11:36 AM PST

~another xlnt portrait, the presentation is what grabbed me~

bttezra said @ 02/22/2005 07:31 AM PST

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