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02/03/2005: "Blue Toning Before Photoshop"

malisa02 (44k image)

Ahhh... Those were the days. The toxic fumes from the darkroom...

This was shot a long time ago. Back in a day when you had to have a little chemist in you to make a black and white print blue. There may be some photographers out there that remember Photographers Formulary and all the fun chemicals they sold. I don't remember the name of the product that I did these blue tones with (Iron Blue Toner??), but I remember that it was certain death in non-ventilated room. Also, it was a time when nose rings were not common. I think Malisa here was one of maybe three or four people I knew with a nose ring and I hung out at all the hip clubs. Now, even my Mom has one. That last part was a lie, but you get the point.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM, 80mm. Kodak TMAX 100.
lighting: Hosemaster fiber optic with the 20" light wand. Basically this was shot like a flat bed scanner works. She sat very still while I passed the wand over her with the camera shutter open in a dark room.

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Yeah! First comment! I don't have anything to say, in particular, but I'm somehow stoked to be first. Simple minds, simple pleasures.

meghan said @ 02/03/2005 07:30 PM PST

She reminds me of Enya. I like her bangs.

Alli said @ 02/03/2005 07:58 PM PST

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Brooks said @ 02/03/2005 10:32 PM PST

yo dude you spelling my name wrong, lol.
can i post the blue pic on my blog for yours now.

heroinegirl said @ 02/03/2005 11:26 PM PST

Fixed it. And Yes.

Brooks said @ 02/04/2005 07:24 AM PST

I tried clicking, no clicking was possible. Perhaps I am a tard.

meghan said @ 02/04/2005 11:24 AM PST

You are a tard cause you keep leaving off the link to your blog in my comments. Perhaps you have too many visitors. The link on Heroinegirls name works from here. hmmmm. I give. Oh, and go read Meghan's blog here:
Meghan's Deep Thoughts

Brooks said @ 02/04/2005 12:03 PM PST

That is so crisp and beautiful... I could stare at that photo all day.

Lord of Doom said @ 02/04/2005 03:17 PM PST


Francesco said @ 02/04/2005 07:15 PM PST

Do you have to belittle me in front of all of these people?! Surely, I shall cry the tears of a blogger scorned. =P

meghan said @ 02/05/2005 03:46 AM PST

This reminds me of line from a Steely Dan song, Peg:
"Done up in blue print blue,
It sure looks good on you"
Nice shot.

matt said @ 02/05/2005 09:09 PM PST

Wow. I'm never disappointed when I pop over here. smile

panthergirl said @ 02/06/2005 03:34 PM PST

Thanks everyone. One last bit of trivia regarding this picture. I had a small crush on this girl for a while and about five or six years and a couple girlfriends later, I met my wife. Their names are one letter off and rhyme. Malisa, and Marisa. I always found that interesting for some reason.

Brooks said @ 02/12/2005 06:46 PM PST

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