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01/04/2005: "Hot Lights"

rodgerpepper (64k image)

This is the second photo I've shown of Rodger...

Rodger Halston was in Carnasaur 3 Primal Species, nuff said. Every time I'm flipping through the channels and I see this movie on, I need to stop and watch a little. It's the perfect B movie and it also stars Scott Valentine. Remember him? He was Nick on Family ties. If you happen upon it, keep an open mind and don't expect Jurassic Park. Anyway, Rodger is now the President of Classified Cosmetics.

camera/film: Haselblad, 150mm. Fuji Provia 100.
lighting: Well, you can see most of the lighting in the photo itself. The main light is a 1K LTM Pepper and there's also a 650W Pepper down on the left there pointing to a silver reflector on the far right (Rodger's left) that's bouncing some light back into Rodger's face. The wall in the background is painted white, which should give you some idea on the color shift from shooting tungsten light with daylight balanced film.

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oooh he's cute.

susannah said @ 01/04/2005 11:07 AM PST

This is my first time to your site & Wow - What an opener! Great work and nice subject! smile

yayaempress said @ 01/04/2005 05:59 PM PST

Hi, I'm Melissa and I'm a LURKERholic on your site, but today I'm coming out of the closet to spread some honey your way! Come share in this special De-Lurking Day and do some of your own.

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 01/05/2005 10:01 AM PST

Hey HunnyB, you at least comment sometimes. I'm sure there are a lot of people that never make a comment even though they stop by all the time.

Brooks said @ 01/05/2005 11:13 AM PST

I am going to make out with Roger. The end.

Alli said @ 01/13/2005 02:58 PM PST

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