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12/28/2004: "Something Different"

greenfeet (72k image)

I can just see all the foot fetish traffic now...
model: Tamia (Ford Models)
makeup: Karen Faye
nails: Vicki Peters
styling: Karie L. Frost
retouching: Michael Block

This was done for Nailpro Magazine. I don't remember the model, which is weird. I guess I didn't look at her face much that day. I remember she had a cute little dog with her though.

camera/film: Contax 645, Fuji Astia 100F.
lighting: Wow, there were a lot of lights on set this day. I'm not sure I can remember everything, but basically, there are a couple open Speedotron heads under the white plexi and then there is a clear piece of thin plexi on top that we filled with the green fluid (in between). The models legs were side lit with Speedotron heads with grid spots on them. I believe I had a medium size soft box in front for fill.

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Nice picture, though. The colors are great!

meaniepants said @ 12/29/2004 08:18 AM PST

While those may be the ugliest shoes I have ever seen, it is a compelling photo. Maybe they put her in such awful shoes so you would have to look at her nails!

Maura said @ 12/29/2004 10:25 AM PST

Its sooooooooooo nice to see other people with long toes! My toes are like hers and I always envied girls with tiny lil pigs.

Alli said @ 12/29/2004 11:50 AM PST

Alli - us guys really don't give much thought to the size of your piggies. If you're cute as hell and NOT psycho, that's all that it takes for us.

Brooks - fantastic colors. While I have to agree with the "ugliest shoes I have ever seen" comment, it's really great to see some saturated colors. Especially at this time of year.

Houser said @ 12/29/2004 01:06 PM PST

One problem there Houser. Alli IS Psycho, just read her blog

Brooks said @ 12/29/2004 02:00 PM PST

B this is a beautiful photo. I wish you were nearby so I could stalk you and say "picture me please please please please please?" but then that would be weird. So, uh, yeah. De-Gorgeous Picture. I love all the colors and the little piggies.

Alex said @ 12/30/2004 01:37 AM PST

OOH!!! Shooooooooooze!!!


UV said @ 01/03/2005 05:16 PM PST

DANG! Great color, the light's fantastic. Just found your site today...so many cool shots to look through...

macwagen said @ 01/04/2005 02:18 PM PST

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