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12/27/2004: "Painting With Light"

hosedjohn (45k image)

This is John. He likes robots...

We used to be the best of friends. What ever happened with that anyway? John is a working man, but loves photography. He was one of those guys that had better photography equipment than I ever did, and I make my living at this.

camera/film: Hasselblad, 80mm. Kodak Tmax 100.
lighting: This shot was done with a Hosemaster (silly name, I know). The Hosemaster is a fiber optic device use for 'light painting" that was developed by a photographer named Aaron Jones. To use it, you leave the room dark and the shutter open while you "paint" the light across the subject, basically like shining a flashlight on them in a controlled manner. I want to do a new series of nudes with this technique some day.
darkroom: The textured effect on the image was made with a piece of frosted acetate that I scratched with sandpaper. I taped it down over the piece of photographic paper while I exposed it in the darkroom. You can see the deliberate tape marks in the lower corners. The slight color tint was done in Photoshop.

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You learned what you had to learn and then the relationship had run its course. Happens that way, sometimes. Kick-ass pic, though.

meghan said @ 12/27/2004 11:51 AM PST

Congratulations Brooks on being a finalists in the Best Photo/Art/Poetry Blog Category of the Best of Blog (BoB) Awards. Good Luck and you will have my vote!!!

Vickie aka Sweet n Sassy said @ 12/28/2004 09:40 AM PST

Yay Brooks for making the finalists! Awesome!

Alex said @ 12/28/2004 03:33 PM PST

Great selective lighting effect, and the brushstrokes are a nice experiment.

matt said @ 12/28/2004 04:33 PM PST

what a great great shot! the kind that makes you smile and want to go out and waste some filmsmile

fredrik said @ 01/06/2005 01:32 AM PST

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