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11/09/2004: "Chicks Dig Flower Photos."

oorchid (29k image)

Not much to say other than this was scanned off of a 2 1/4 Polaroid and reworked in Photoshop.

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you have some booootiful photos shown here. thanks for dropping by and leaving your link so that i could come and enjoy your work!

snowy said @ 11/10/2004 07:46 AM PST

Oh Brooks, this one was almost as hot as your hairdresser.

PS. You think I should SM the phrase "Sex Hole"?

Alli said @ 11/10/2004 07:50 AM PST

ooooooo. pretty.

ms. lunchbreak said @ 11/10/2004 01:44 PM PST

Thanks girls. I knew the post title would fit.

Brooks said @ 11/10/2004 05:45 PM PST

Okay, okay, okay. I know you're a professional photographer, but have you thought about selling some of these to blog designers? I would love a skin made out of this! Not that I know how to design it, mind you.

Alex said @ 11/12/2004 04:50 PM PST

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