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11/04/2004: "Rachel Hunter for Classified Cosmetics"

rachel (84k image)

I'm breaking out this image for a couple reasons. First, I'm getting ready to shoot all of the new packaging for this company. Second, I get a few Google searches for Rachel because of an old post I did about meeting her and this photo shoot. I had to take the images off those old posts because they weren't retouched yet, so this should satisfy the people who come here to find her. The shot is full length, but I cropped it to better fit the blog.
makeup and hair: Yolanda Halston

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Hey Brooks, cool blog man. Love it. Will visit to see more. Thanks for visiting my blog. Cheers.

Desmond said @ 11/06/2004 08:02 PM PST

Please tell me you had to retouch her thighs. It will make me feel better about myself if you do. wink

Megan said @ 11/07/2004 06:19 AM PST

Her thighs were indeed retouched a bit, but I wouldn't say it was a drastic change. I mean, she's Rachel Hunter, they looked pretty damn good on the film.

Brooks said @ 11/07/2004 10:25 AM PST

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