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10/31/2004: "Halloween down. Two Holidays To Go."

We had a few more trick or treaters this year. I still wish it was like the old days when it was non-stop kids. I like giving out candy and if there were more kids, I'd make a bigger production of it. Anyway, Marisa and I got some babysitting support from Meghan and went to a couple parties on Saturday night Click here to see us! We also took Lily to a few houses in her Snow White getup tonight. You can see here in all her sweetness HERE. I guess it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving.

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Drunk, Dirty Santa. Awesome. You look like Dan Aykroyd from Trading Places.

Gilday said @ 11/01/2004 05:44 AM PST

Great costumes!

UV said @ 11/01/2004 07:40 AM PST

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