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10/27/2004: "Monday's Photo Shoot Take Two."

Lindsay02 (29k image)

In my attempt to show more of my work here, this is the other model I shot on Monday. Same client, only this is for the cover of the January issue. There will be a lot of retouching done on this. Her hair color will be changed and most of the other work will be done on her hands since it's all about her nails. I've cropped them out of this shot so we don't show them until the magazine comes out. The shot will be composed as a photo mosaic constructed of all the past covers of the magazine for their 15th? Anniversary issue, but will be shown as a normal photo on the inside.
model: Lindsay
makeup and hair: Lisa Van Hecke
styling: Karie L. Frost

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Nice shot of a pretty gal. However, I can't help but wonder what you were doing while taking the picture to make her eyes go that wide.

Paul said @ 10/28/2004 07:57 AM PST


Maybe he said she needed a complete makeover like the gal in the previous picture? He probably said: "Hey, look what it did for her!"

Wes said @ 10/28/2004 11:02 AM PST

She was staring at the majesty that is my HUGE noggin.

Brooks said @ 10/28/2004 12:19 PM PST

She was looking at a sandwich she really wanted.

Megan said @ 10/28/2004 06:45 PM PST

Meanwhile I toil away in an office somewhere in suburban plano... nice shot!

Scof said @ 10/29/2004 10:59 AM PST

Beautiful picture!

Kristin said @ 10/29/2004 11:15 AM PST

ohman biggest eyes in life

chops said @ 10/29/2004 11:41 AM PST

Brooks said:
"She was staring at the majesty that is my HUGE noggin"

You mean she appreciated you for your mind? Huh? Whaz up wid dat?

Wait a second, that's what women are suppose to admire men for!

Wes said @ 10/29/2004 03:24 PM PST

The majesty of my HUGE noggin would be apparent if you saw a picture of me next to person with a normal human sized head.

Brooks said @ 10/29/2004 04:05 PM PST

Dude, you're telling me you didn't alter that photo? Those eyes are, like, two-thirds of her face. Freaky.

meghan said @ 10/30/2004 11:58 PM PST

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