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10/16/2004: "Greetings From The Apple Store"

applelily (14k image)

Lily in training at the Apple Store, Northridge, CA.

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Awwww! Whadja buy her?

UV said @ 10/16/2004 06:04 PM PST

She's got her daddy's smirk. How entirely CUTE!

Broad said @ 10/16/2004 06:56 PM PST

Yeah, enquiring dorks want to know. What did she get???

Jen said @ 10/17/2004 05:16 PM PST

If she got a pink mini ipod, I'm going to be so jealous.

:: throws tantrum ::

Megan said @ 10/17/2004 07:32 PM PST

You all can relax. We came *this* close to getting a Bose SoundDock for my iPod, but ended up leaving empty handed this time.

Brooks said @ 10/17/2004 10:26 PM PST

I can't believe you're poisoning her mind so young... my dad was afraid to let me into that place because he knew I'd want one of everything (which is true.)

Carly said @ 10/19/2004 07:37 PM PST

Carly is right! Poison! haha. Shes so cute.

Jinky said @ 10/20/2004 02:49 AM PST

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