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08/05/2004: "Nine Years and Counting"

Nine years ago today, I went to a friend's birthday party and met a girl. We've been together ever since. I love you Shmoopy.

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We love your Schmoop too! Glad someone came along to clean up your act!

JnK said @ 08/05/2004 08:11 PM PST


Megan said @ 08/05/2004 08:28 PM PST

JnK would be my best friend Jeff and his wife Kim. He speaks from experience... Lots of it.

Brooks said @ 08/05/2004 08:34 PM PST

That some tear jerking shit Brooks!! Congrats though... You also have a cute little daughter out of the deal too. Not bad for a guy with a mouth as smart if not smarter than my own...nauguu

Rudy said @ 08/05/2004 10:35 PM PST

I remember when she invented ass-flavored m&m's and we knew then...shmoopy and Brooks were destined to be forever. Kiss the ground Brooks!

dar said @ 08/06/2004 12:34 AM PST

Congratulations! ...and yay yay yay for love. My man and I mark nine years in February. Finest kind.

rock grrrl said @ 08/06/2004 01:45 AM PST

Wow! Time flies when your in love. I love you too! You're the best.

shmoopy said @ 08/06/2004 08:46 AM PST

See, there's proof. I told you guys I'm the best.
Just for the record, Shmoopy is from the Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld, where Alexandra Wentworth plays Jerry's girlfriend Shiela. It started out as a stupid joke, but turned into our silly name for each other. It now feels weird when we use our real names around each other. So there you have it.

Brooks said @ 08/06/2004 11:30 AM PST

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