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06/22/2004: "It's a Photographer's Blog, so..."

The Sunflower on my patio has bloomed. Here's proof!


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Brooks, I love the complimentary color scheme that you have going on and the composition of this image is nothing short of magnificent.

Seriously, I would love to do a painting of this one, too!

Jen said @ 06/22/2004 02:26 PM PST

What a glorious photo!

Lauren said @ 06/22/2004 03:09 PM PST

Proof...as if we'd demand proof. 'Surely not! A sunflower opening? Preposterous! =)

meghan said @ 06/22/2004 03:21 PM PST

Sunflowers happen to one of my most favorite flowers....I case it was the six years in Kansas watching the fields of them bend over bowing gracefully to stand tall later....Oh I just love them I would rather have sunflowers than roses damn if my hubby did not get off cheap

Sweet N Sassy said @ 06/22/2004 06:24 PM PST

we used to grow sunflowers in a tiny square garden laid into our back porch. man, they were big. way bigger than yours. but alas, i don't have photographic evidence, so it looks like you win.

...this time.

ac said @ 06/23/2004 04:44 AM PST

Oh what a lovely picture! Yes, you truly are a talented photographer! smile

Swt GA HunnyB said @ 06/23/2004 09:25 AM PST

I'd call ya a liar if I didn't know any better. That is a very amazing photo!

Megan said @ 06/23/2004 11:08 AM PST

And you made it an even bigger event by taking such a beautiful photo! :-) Sunflowers are my favorite.

Bea said @ 06/24/2004 07:00 AM PST

Thanks for the compliments folks. I have a second one that seems to be at a stand still. I hope it opens soon, so I can get a shot of the two of them before the first one falls apart.

Brooks said @ 06/24/2004 09:24 AM PST

Yes, I did see your sunflower and hopefully my friend Fletch at http://Austincountrylimits.com will post some Texas sunflowers soon. There is no such thing as too many sunflowers. Your photo has such vivid color! I wish we had blue skies around here. It is nice to meet another photoblogapher!

Marie Freeman said @ 06/29/2004 06:25 AM PST

I must confess. The above shot is the result of me being an advertising photographer. Nothing is what it seems in our world. The background is not our beautiful blue Southern California sky. It's a piece of metallic blue paper that I held up behind the flower with one hand while holding the camera and shooting with the other. Look at this post to see a shot in the studio with the same background.


Brooks said @ 06/29/2004 11:57 AM PST

Brooks, you can never ruin the magic of photography for me! Thanks for sharing with me how the shot was accomplished. I am self-taught and am always looking for new tricks. I am also a photojournalist (I can't believe I get paid w/benefits) so must maintain certain ethics in photos that are printed in our rag. I have no problem w/folks using Photoshop but think that tools like the metallic blue background are ultimately easier to do within the camera than altering afterwards...I look forward to seeing more of your photography.

Marie said @ 06/29/2004 07:09 PM PST

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