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06/09/2004: "Please Check ID"

"Only the most Matrix-obsessed fanboy would actually use a grid for his signature, but the chick at the Cheesecake Factory didn't look twice. I mean, I didn't even have on a trenchcoat."
I haven't cried while laughing in a while, but The Credit Card Prank just killed me. It's pretty short so don't be shy... Go ahead, click the link. No really.

(via Alfie)

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Thanks. That was so funny that, despite my best efforts, a few maniacal giggles escaped. You're going to get me fired. smile

Erin said @ 06/10/2004 12:10 PM PST

Read his prank where he eats all the natural products. That's pretty funny, too.

Steve said @ 06/10/2004 08:22 PM PST

Priceless. Well worth all the clicks. Am considering updating my signature to "Bathsheba" or somesuch. Thanks for the laugh.

Patti said @ 06/11/2004 08:45 AM PST

My god. Even thought the liquid natural soap was BURNING when he put it in his mouth, he still took the experiment all the way and swallowed some. Do any of us have that sort of dedication?

Brooks said @ 06/11/2004 02:39 PM PST

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