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04/30/2004: "Art and his brother Commerce."

Greetings from Las Vegas. I drove in today from L.A. for the SPIN show at The Arts Factory. SPIN stands for Select Professional Industry Night. It's a special night for the galleries to show their work to interior designers and other industry pros. I hope I sell some stuff. Tomorrow is going to be good for my leg muscles as I walk two trade shows for the beauty industry to meet people and hand out promo cards for my beauty photography. I miss my sweet Lily already.

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Hey, wishing you the best of luck!! You'll do great I just know it! =) As if you wouldnt - your work is fantastic!

Jinky said @ 04/30/2004 10:01 PM PST

hope it goes great!

Amy said @ 05/01/2004 06:42 PM PST

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