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04/15/2004: "Maybe this IS a photoblog."

While shooting for Nailpro magazine today, I accidentally made some strange bubbles in the glycerin, water and food coloring mixture we were using in one of the shots. After we were done, I added a little soap to make these bubbles. The whole group of bubbles is only about an inch wide. It's like a tiny Atlantis. Well, if the water had a lot of algae in it. Oh... and Happy Anniversary Shmoopy.

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Wow, you created a microcosm wher Brooks is God. Color me jealous.

Orange said @ 04/15/2004 09:01 PM PST

Happy Anniversary to you too shmoop! I love you like crazy cakes (even though your addicted to blogs!!). Thanks for being such a wonderful husband and caring father. :-)

Shmoopy said @ 04/16/2004 08:24 PM PST

may i link back to this photo from my blog? i love it!!

jeanne said @ 04/17/2004 09:22 AM PST

No. Your aversion to the letters "o" and "u" and sometime "y" lead me to believe that you are not mature enough to handle the responsibility of using my copyright protected works. You might want to ask God to give you the strength to spell out the whole words instead of taking the shortcut all of the time. It's time to let your Jr. High habits die and become an adult. The general gist of this comment goes for all of your rappers out there too.

Brooks said @ 04/17/2004 12:11 PM PST

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