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03/20/2004: "The Vortex"

I've been invited by my dear friends Brian and Dar at The Arts Factory in Las Vegas to show my Vortex series at the next First Fridays art event April 2nd. The Arts Factory is a building downtown that houses a myriad of art related businesses like artists studios, galleries, graphic designers, a photographer and the like. One the first Friday of each month they have a sort of "open house" and everyone is invited to come down and look at and hopefully buy some art. The last event saw approx. 4000 people come through the building in a 3 to 4 hour span. I've updated the VORTEX site for the first time in a while for the event and I'm printing like a mad man in order to be ready. If you're in Las Vegas that weekend please stop by and see me. Oh, and click on that VORTEX link above to see the work of a mad man. The piece below is called "ofbriandar" and was created from two images, one of Brian and one of Dar, as a gift to them a few years back.


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