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03/01/2004: "Inflatable Boy Clams 2"

Wow! I'm blown away at how much I've learned in the past few days. I also hope to know a lot more if Carol Detweiler emails me back (she's the torso on the left in the post below). I've put together a site now that has more info then was previously available on the web anywhere and it's getting better every day. Go to the site and see for yourself. INFLATABLE BOY CLAMS

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Sheryl Crow - Over You
Matchbox20 - Back 2 Good
Pixies - Dig For Fire
Beck - Sissyneck
Bush - Machinehead
Public Image Limited - Home
REM - Turn You Inside Out
Dave Mathews - Drive In, Drive Out
Barenaked Ladies - Second Best
The Smashing Pumpkins - Untitled (2001)
Third Eye Blind - Farther
Morrissey - That's Entertainment
Radiohead - High And Dry
Tears For Fears - Suffer Little Children

My random 15 said @ 03/03/2004 09:29 PM PST

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