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02/29/2004: "Inflatable Boy Clams, dot com"

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While looking for web site links to add the the band names on the post below, I found (and was not surprised) that there were no sites with any information on the band Inflatable Boy Clams. Well, I decided to take it upon myself to change that. I registered the name inflatableboyclams.com and started to do some research. It's amazing how far I've gotten over this weekend, mainly because of my email correspondence with the photographer that shot the band for the sleeve of this strange and weirdly mesmerizing recording of the very early 80's. Rick Soloway has been great. He's been sending me pictures of everyone involved with the recording of this record and telling me stories about the years in San Francisco when it all happened. I'll be posting my progress here if anyone but me cares. Here is one of the members today, Judy Gittelsohn.

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OK now that's cool! As you know I LOVE that record ! I need to pop that into the CD player in my car today. It will go great with Nina Hagen, Lene Lovich, The Creatures and The Plasmatics !! Yeehaaa !


Scott said @ 03/01/2004 07:18 AM PST

Just in case anyone is wondering, this record is not available on CD, and never was as far as I know. The CD Scott mentions above is a copy I recorded for him. I'm hoping to get permission to put mp3's of all of the songs on the web site though. Standby!

Brooks said @ 03/01/2004 09:53 AM PST

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