Thursday, July 29, 2004

Booked Solid
I've never been this busy ever. I guess it's a good thing considering how much my party is going to cost us. It's nice to be busy, but I miss my Lily and Shmoop.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Party Update
Well, it seems that the domain forwarding I have setup for isn't working right now, so here is the actual address It figures it would stop working as soon as I sent out a mass email telling people to go to it. Stupid Internet.

We're working on having Wood Ranch BBQ as the caterer. Ribs and Chicken anyone?

If anyone reading this has embarrassing or flattering images of me form from my youth (I'm sure there are many more of the latter), please let Marisa know via email here.
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Monday, July 26, 2004

Joe Schmo 2
timherzog (19k image)
This is a picture I shot a while ago of a model named Tim Herzog for a hair care products ad. You can see him on the Spike TV show Joe Schmo 2. That's not what I really wanted to talk about here though. I really want to talk about the guy who plays the main character in the show. His name is Ralph Garman. There's a morning show here in Los Angeles on KROQ that has a knack for graduating it's members to TV. Aside from Ralph, both Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla are Kevin and Bean show alumni. It's just so weird watching the people that you're so used to just listening to for years. Especially when they have to disguise him with the worst bleached hair job ever. Anyway, I just wanted to get a picture up because it's been a while. Oh, both Carson Daly and Kennedy of MTV fame also worked at KROQ before they moved on.
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