Saturday, June 5, 2004

Stats Messaging tip of the week!
If you want to personalize your stats message (SM) with your own name as it appears when you comment on other blogs example: (From Brooks. Copygodd thinks President Bush tastes like chicken!), here is an important tip: The only way your name will appear in a search is if the blogger has mentioned you by name, or their comment system puts comments on the same page as an entry that you are pulling words from. If they use pop up comments like Haloscan, your name will not show up in a Google search of their blog.

This goes for blogrolls too. The words you are searching for must be in the page. Blogrolling gets your blogroll off of their server when your page loads so words in your blogroll won't show up in a search unless they are mentioned elsewhere on your site.

I hope this makes sense.
Have fun and SM me!
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Friday, June 4, 2004

Stats Messaging!
Just wait until this is all the rage! I was looking at my stats today and noticed a very peculiar search query. "I really want to see brooks." I have no idea who did this search or what they were looking for, but it gave me an idea. I'm going to call it Stats Messaging. With my luck, this is already a common thing. Here's what you do. Visit a friend's blog and look for some key words that they have used in a post. You might want to go back a few weeks to make sure those posts will show up in a search. Make a sentence with those words (the more unique the words are the better). Using the person's blog name is good if it's unique. It should have some sort of message like the one above. Type the sentence into Google with NO quotes and see if you find the persons blog. If you do, make sure you click on it so that the search will show up in their stats. If you do the search a few times, they will have a better chance of noticing it in their stats. I've already sent a message to a few of you that read this on a regular basis. Check it out! Oh, and SM me.
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Thursday, June 3, 2004


Two years ago my friend Brian gave me this print for my birthday. It's one of those jokes that some people just don't get, but it's right up our alley. You can buy one from him if you like. Maybe you have a friend who is in a part of the country that is being invaded by these little guys right now and you want them to have a memento. He's friendly and will do his Cicada impression over the phone if you ask nicely. You can contact him by going to the link above.
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Blog review of The Blog Review
I figure I'll cast the first stone. Not that this dork will ever find my blog unless someone tells him, but I just had to comment. There's a new blog "expert" in town and his name is Max Punkt. His first 7 posts tell a story of a reviewer that doesn't like much of anything, unless he writes it himself (the first one being a review of my friend over at Cellar Door). He first goes after a few small personal blogs and doesn't have anything good to say. He does like to comment on those blogs and get a little heated debate going with their readers, who don't really like Max much, as you can imagine. Instead of giving his review and letting it stand, he feels the need to argue with the readers or owners of the blogs in some weird attempt to justify his worth (or self worth). Whether he's like this in person or not, I have no idea, but you can just picture him as the guy that wants to argue with you over the most trivial of things (also knows as that asshole no one invited, but showed up anyway). I'm not a writer. I'm a photographer. I write in this blog because it's kind of fun. Nothing more. Nothing less. I can't imagine anyone would want to critique it or any other personal blog out there. It just doesn't make sense to me. So, if you get a comment from Max Punkt, chances are it's his announcement to you that he has reviewed your blog. It's probably best to ignore it. His seventh post is a different story. He's moved on to bigger targets like: Boing Boing. I hope that he stays there. They will either ignore him or bring down a wrath so heavy that he will be crushed. I'll put my money on ignore.
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