Saturday, April 10, 2004

Brad Pitt
While looking through our movie collection for a DVD to watch, my wife Marisa says, "Don't I have more than nine Brad Pitt movies? Something's missing!" If that isn't a telling statement about my wife, I don't know what is.
Oh, we're going to watch A Mighty Wind.
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Tuesday, April 6, 2004

Face up or Shut up
OK, I know this will hit home with at least a few of you. Have you ever had a friend that you knew was destined to be a great blogger? Have you ever tried to nudge or even shove your friend into the world of blogging because you just knew for sure that they would love it once they got started? I have such a friend and I'm trying my hardest to convince her that she has a lot to say and that others would be interested in reading it. Her name is Dar and she is an artist. Her art is known for it's messages of love and thought and reading the messages on her art tells me that she can do the blog thing much better than I can (not saying much). Here is an example of her work.
This is a piece that only has a small amount of text, but some are covered. Well, because I feel so strongly that she has what it takes and that the extra outlet might actually be helpful in venting some of her creativity, I made her a blog. She hasn't gotten going quite yet, but she could use some encouragement. She has no idea that I'm posting about this, so hopefully some nice comments on her blog might get her going. I'm hoping she just needs a little nudge and not the shove I want to give her (in a nice way).
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Monday, April 5, 2004

vortex of life
Well, Sunday went better as I sold a set of six small prints to a local Las Vegas collector. It's time to go home and get back to my normal life again. I miss my Lily so much I can't stand it. I also have a little b-day project to work on for Marisa. Here's to art! Don't justs stand there... Buy some.
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