Saturday, February 21, 2004

Bills! Bills! Bills!
AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Can someone with too much money to spend please contribute a few thou so I can be a little more stress free? This makes me wonder. Do those people that snap under the pressure and go on killing sprees at McDonald's or the Post Office know in advance that they are nearing the edge of sanity? Hmmm. I hope there is some warning because I don't like the sight of blood. Well, at least after that night at a party many years ago when a friend cut her foot open on a broken beer bottle and I, being the beach lifeguard at the time, volunteered to clean out the wound. I soon found myself, for the first time, feeling a little faint and had to get horizontal before I passed out. Ever since that day, I've been a little queasy at the sight of open wounds. This post makes me wonder if incoherent rambling is a sign of my impending insanity.
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Spam Poetry!
Have you noticed the random text generated by spammers in an attempt to trick Bayesian spam filters? Some of this stuff sounds like an old Beck song. I love it!

Here is an actual sample from a recent spam email for a porn site:

Our fancy boots arrives.
A given odd shaped glasses run.
His brothers soft carpet looks around.
Her soft omprella adheres.
Her daughters green bottle looks around.
Whose fancy wine stares as soon as our shining golden fancy small computer spit.
Her smart bicycle stares and the fancy wine calculates as soon as his brothers green pensil got an idea.
Our children noisy well-crafted binocyles falls.
Our little round glove snores.
The round-shaped exam book show its value however, the well-crafted bed lies.
Our children white little book smiles.
The round-shaped bluish fancy noisy exam book run.
His smart book arrives.

Can it still be art if it's written by a spammers computer program?
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