Friday, January 30, 2004

The Ugly American
Holy Shit! This story just blows my mind. How do people this evil make it to 35 years old. I admit, that I've been annoyed by crying babies before, but it's usually because the parents don't have the sense to pick them up and walk outside a restaurant until they stop. On a flight, this is kind of hard. So this idiot's solution was to ask for a cup of water and throw it on the baby! Wow, I never thought of dousing my child with cold water to get her to stop crying. Brilliant, Dumbass.
My favorite quote from the article: "Duffy narrowly avoided being beaten up by other passengers and was arrested -- to applause -- when the plane landed in Sao Paulo."
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Man, if it isn't enough that I get tons of spam in my inbox, then some spammer has to go and spoof my email address so thousands of other fine folks are getting penis enlargement spam in their inboxes that appears as if it's coming from me. See, it comes in waves. When the said spam doesn't make it to it's intended target because of the address no longer existing, or someone's ISP's junk filter catches it and bounces it, I get the bounced email as undeliverable. In a three day period last week, I got about 1000 bounced emails. Yes folks, ONE THOUSAND! Imaging how many are making it to peoples inboxes if I'm getting that many bounces. Well, usually it stops and you get the feeling that they have used up the usefulness of my email address because everybody is blocking mail from my address, then it starts up again. Sometimes slow like today where I've only gotten a few so far. I have a feeling it's going to get worse before it gets better though.
So, to add to it all, now the spammers (an online casino in this case) are spamming my comments on this blog. I always immediately delete the offending spam, but what a pain in my ass! I would consider myself to be on the liberal side, but I want a death sentence for spammers. There I said it.
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Tuesday, January 27, 2004

We've Got Video!
OK, after a few tries, I finally got lily to do her new walking thing on Video. She's always aware of the camera and it's hard to get her to do things when I have a camera in my hand, but she loves her new talent so much that she didn't seem to care this time. Check it out HERE and look at the older videos on the page if you've never seen them. Pretty damned cute!
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Put one foot in front of the other...
Well, Lily has been taking multiple steps on her own. Although she still seems to prefer crawling when she actualy wants to get somewhere, she seems to amuse herself when she links a few steps together. At the rate she's progressing, I would bet that she'll be walking across the room within a week or so. Uh.. I'm a first time dad so this may be a totally unreasonable estimate.

It's been fun being with Lily all day.
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