Saturday, January 24, 2004

Champagne, wine and fondue.
We had a great dinner and get together at Curt, Carina, Carla and Travis' house tonight. Lily didn't need any warm up time as she usually does. When we plopped her down with the kids she was smiling right off the bat and had a great time playing with Carla and Travis. Dinner was good too. Fondue Bourguignonne with a bottle of Turley and pre dinner Champagne. Oh...and French apple pie with French vanilla ice cream for desert.. Mmmmm. It's fun to watch Carla and see what a girly girl Lily is most likely going to be in a few years. :-)
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Monday, January 19, 2004

Mr. Mom for a month
I'm starting my second of four weeks as Mr. Mom as my wife Marisa works full time for a month. Her schedule usually has her home with Lily two or three days of the week. The first few days were a little rough last week as Lily wasn't quite used to being without Mommy for the whole day, but she got used to it just in time for the weekend. Now we start over (Marisa is an elementary school teacher, so she had today off). It's been fun bonding with the little munchkin all day, and after spending the whole week with her, I missed her more than usual when I had to go get some work done on the weekend. That little thing is do damned cute, I just can't stand it sometimes. She is 15 months old and loves to walk by dragging you around my the fingers. She's a little slower than her two friends at walking by herself, but she looks like she'll take off soon. I keep hearing people say that I'll regret the day she can walk. They say she'll be able to get into everything. Well, she already does now, she just crawls to where stuff is and stands up to grab it. I'll just be happy not to have to carry her everywhere. The only thing I'm dreading is the "face plant" Ouch!
Oh...a picture. Here's one of my all time faves from when Lily was only 24 days old.
lily24daysbw03 (21k image)

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