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07/11/2005: "Removed"

55chrisclose (134k image)

Photographer Dan Winters was asked if when photographing his subject (celebrities) if he felt he had an obligation to portray them in a flattering light...

His answer? "I wouldn't say that I feel an obligation. Instead, I feel like I try to honor them as individuals. I try to make an image that's interesting and compelling and relatively representational of what the individual looks like. I think that when someone sits for a portrait they're allowing you to make a physical object out of their physical representation. I don't think I go out of my way to be overly flattering. But I do try to be true to the subject."

Dan Winters is one of my favorite photographers in the world today. I aspire to be half the artist that he is.

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I really wonder how many photos you take in order the find the "one"

But this one really captures something quite stunning


doom said @ 07/15/2005 10:06 AM PST

Stuning portrait !! I've just discovered this website thru nordilux.com .. I'll come back often ! I can't find a RSS feed. Do you have one ?

Thanks !


Fred said @ 07/18/2005 09:46 AM PST

oh Brooks...

you're so good at what you do, sweet boy.

Alli said @ 07/18/2005 03:41 PM PST

Hey everyone. I just wanted to let you all know that a new and improved Brooks Blog is coming soon! I've been busy with Ryan working everything out and it's almost ready. Keep an eye out and I'll be posting the NEW URL too.

Oh, and there will finally be an RSS feed too! :-)

Brooks said @ 07/18/2005 08:44 PM PST

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