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06/28/2005: "Lia-Fail Final"

lia-fail_all006 (127k image)

This is the final band photo as chosen by the band...

It's got a small amount of retouching to correct some lighting issues, but overall I think it came out good. I still have a couple small issues with it, but I'm sure someone will point them out. It looks a little small because it's horizontal, so here's a bigger version. Lia-Fail Bigger!

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hot mama! yo, forget the 250. just introduce me to the ladies. :-D

Ryan said @ 06/28/2005 08:21 PM PST

the lighting is not too flattering on the girl's stomach, the second from the left :-x

shc said @ 06/28/2005 10:07 PM PST

beautifull women wearing way too much makeup! Looks like they are about to melt under the lights. I'd love to hear their stuff or see them live. Their website is down!

j said @ 06/30/2005 04:29 AM PST

On a possitive side: I really like the background in combination with the low lightposition and the high perspective it's shot from. It adds some power, so see things in perspective: not bad at all.

qck said @ 06/30/2005 05:20 AM PST


how intriguing - I think this is probably the worst photo I have seen on your website.

now sure if a comment like this is worthy of posting... but in my (humble) opinion these girls lack the normal "character" that your subjects normally have.

quite interesting that you point out that they chose this photo and not you.

but then again, what the hell do I know?

Peace and love.

doom x

lord of doom said @ 06/30/2005 04:29 PM PST

Man! You guys are killin' me with this one! At least someone liked the background I painted. Maybe I should start painting backgrounds for a living.

Brooks said @ 06/30/2005 06:44 PM PST

personally, i think the photo fits the band's personality.

i think what's making everyone dislike this is it's not within your normal style of photography.

Ryan said @ 06/30/2005 08:20 PM PST

In Brooks defense, I don't think it's the lighting that makes that girls stomach look unflattering as much as the girls stomach making her stomach look unflattering. I personally think the background, the position of the lights, and the shadows that are a result all work for the band...I also think the position of the girls themselves works perfect, they aren't a huge famous band yet, they are still a bit lost, still trying to be bigger than they are. Well done, not your finest ever, but I highly doubt it's your worst.

Tyler Knott

Tyler Knott said @ 07/01/2005 10:16 AM PST

My stomach is rather flattering most the time and I'm going to have to blame the way I was standing... I'm not a super model, I just play guitar. I love this photograph and all the others Brooks has taken.

TiNA said @ 07/02/2005 01:37 PM PST

Four beautiful ladies, great photo.

Madune said @ 07/03/2005 10:23 PM PST

Brooks I love this photo. It looks fabulous. I know these girls and this is the best picture they've had!

Anisa said @ 07/05/2005 11:54 AM PST

Thanks everyone. And thanks, Anisa... You are going to be a victim soon!

Brooks said @ 07/05/2005 09:25 PM PST

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