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06/20/2005: "Karey"

karey04 (62k image)

My Ex roommate's ex girlfriend...

Where are you Karey? The last time I saw you, you comped me a four course meal with wine at Tra Vingne in Napa. That was years ago, but I still remember your smiling face and loving the meal. :-)

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she looks kind of like my ex's best friend, Karen.

Ryan said @ 06/20/2005 06:57 PM PST

Ex-Roommates Ex-Girlfriend...hmmmm, a comped meal and a smile ;o) I wonder if something happened between you two, causing the roommate to move out in anger, and break up with the girl...two ex's created with one act!
Nah, but it'd make a good soap opera or chick flick plot.

Nice shot, I like the white's.

Tyler Knott

Tyler Knott said @ 06/21/2005 12:19 PM PST

Ha! That's pretty funny. After re-reading my post it does sound kinda mushy though. She was a good friend during thast time, but there was never anything between us going on. My ex-roommate's name is Biagino Rocco Olivo. Would you try anything with the girlfriend of someone with that name? :-)

Brooks said @ 06/21/2005 01:05 PM PST

You're getting all mushy on us now!

She's breathtakingly beautiful-- the narrow range of tones between the light, hair, & skin is very intriguing. Is there information somewhere on the lighting? It looks like some real sunlight on the left, and some sort of diffused studio lighting on the right?

Michael Czeiszperger said @ 06/22/2005 05:42 AM PST

Hi Michael. Actually there's just a large white reflector on the right, just out of the frame (probably right against her arm and the lens of the camera). It's a little low and kinda aiming up as you might be able to tell from the shadow above her ear and the highlight on the bottom of her nose. The catch light in her eye looks a little small, but I think you're just seeing the direct light hitting part of 4ft X 4ft sheet of foamcore. I'm working on half memory and half interpretation of the light falling on her as I'm not exactly sure what I used because it was so long ago.

Brooks said @ 06/22/2005 09:26 AM PST

Hotdamn! Poor bastard for losing her, however it happened it can't have been worth it. Stunning.

RuKsaK said @ 06/23/2005 04:28 AM PST

She makes me want to go platinum.

Come here, you and your freakin beautiful wife. Bring Lily, we have a pool and hot dogs.

Alli said @ 06/23/2005 08:03 PM PST

simply beautiful -- I miss her, too :-) - and I don't even know her...

bob said @ 06/26/2005 06:02 AM PST

Everyone around here misses her Bob. Well, maybe except Gino who is married now, so at least he wouldn't admit it. :-)

Brooks said @ 06/26/2005 06:56 PM PST

Ethereal blondness -- captured in black and white. Very nice.

Anonymous Poet said @ 06/26/2005 07:06 PM PST

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