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06/16/2005: "Facing Big World"

carlyjoy01 (92k image)

Carly is Urban Woman Facing Big World In Small Body...

You may remember THIS POST from about a week and a half ago. Well, I took some pictures of Carly as a graduation present and this was the very last frame. I just pulled the Polaroid and put it down on the table and shot it with a digital camera. I did do a little dodging and burning in Photoshop, but not much. Carly is playing God in a play on Friday, then leaving for Italy and England on Saturday. Be safe Carly and bring me back a cheesy souvenir.

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God, I look so moody. But I guess that's the point. Thanks for the presents... we're having a hell of a time deciding which one to use. And, yeah, I'll bring you souvenir frorm somewhere fun.

Carly said @ 06/16/2005 01:13 PM PST

It's cool to see the print side of yout type 55 work. You usually show the scanned negatives if I'm not mistaken. Good stuff.

DC said @ 06/17/2005 08:31 AM PST

I was disappointed that this photograph wasn't of you.

I wanted you to be a woman.

that is all.

Torren said @ 06/17/2005 11:44 AM PST


Brooks said @ 06/17/2005 12:48 PM PST

I love the look of the focus & light on these portraits of yours. I have an aversion to film, but found the Zoerk Multi Focus System to play with:


Michael Czeiszperger said @ 06/18/2005 09:03 AM PST

She is beautiful and this is a great image of her (with a pretty cool title smile

Nitsa said @ 06/18/2005 02:36 PM PST

I'm in london now... it's amazing! I'm taking lots of pictures but can't upload them... sorry. Miss ya.

Carly said @ 06/19/2005 09:35 AM PST

What aperture do you usually use for these portraits?

Michael Czeiszperger said @ 06/26/2005 07:02 AM PST

I was in a hurry so I didn't put up tech info when I posted this, so here is what you're looking for Michael.

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg. I always shoot these types of portraits wide open at 6.8 with a bit of forward tilt on the lens board. That's how I get the shallow depth of field.

Brooks said @ 06/26/2005 06:55 PM PST

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