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06/14/2005: "Ryan"

ryansiner01 (95k image)

Shot for a hair care company, then cropped out the hair...
model: Ryan Siner
makeup and hair: Melanie Manson
styling: Lisa Oliver

This is Ryan. I shot him for a company called Giovanni that makes all natural hair care products. They eventually went to a different advertising agency and the photography went away with the move. It kinda bummed me out because they were a fun group to work with, not to mention the loss of income from that yearly photo shoot.

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Hi Brooks, can't you make the photos for the other company than? If their client (the hair company) ask they probably will right.

And how did you get the customors anyway, do you just sent portefolios like a maniac? Don't worry I am no competition for you (yet.) Above that their is an ocean between us so it would be nice to hear how you get started with your first assignments.


quinten said @ 06/15/2005 06:30 AM PST

It'd make a good ad for TEKNIC as well. Mmmm, motorcycle gear. Cool shot.

DC said @ 06/15/2005 07:20 AM PST

Quinten. There is a new online photo magazine coming out in a little while that will answer many of these questions. I'm helping them with an article about being a professional photographer and it will cover these subjects in a little more length. (I'll plug it here when it comes out)

The short answer is that the advertising agency in most cases helps the client choose a photographer that fits the campaign that they are creating. I was not the right guy for that new image. The original job came from an agency that I had worked with before and they felt that my style fit the project.

Brooks said @ 06/15/2005 08:29 AM PST

That is ONE MOODY looking bloke.

A bit too "american" in style to be accepted over here.

Funny, UK and USA share so much but advertising is MILES apart in style and method.


Doom said @ 06/15/2005 02:32 PM PST

Very angular.

Anonymous Poet said @ 06/19/2005 05:34 AM PST

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