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06/10/2005: "Ronnie's Grand Daughter"

ashleyreagan02 (67k image)

Ashley Reagan again...

I'm in a hurry to get home today, so I'll keep it brief. I'm supposed to be shooting a new heads shot for Ashley's dad, Mike Reagan soon. Maybe I'll get him to sit for a nice dark Type 55 portrait too. I don't think we have too much in common as far as politics goes, so I'll try to stay away from the subject. I'd like him to smile in some of the photos. :-)

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Sooo nice, I am really down with this.

Dallas said @ 06/11/2005 01:25 AM PST

Je ne vois pas la femme cachée dans la forêt?
The Surrealists

jorge said @ 06/12/2005 04:48 AM PST

Je ne vois pas la femme cachée dans la forêt? translates to "I do not see the woman hidden in the forest" at babelfish. The link shows Magritte's photo montage of surrealist painters all with their eyes closed surrounding a painting of a nude woman. --Thanks Jorge.

I often shoot one frame of people with their eyes closed, but sometimes they look like they've just blinked. On occasion they look at peace, like this one (at least to me). That's my only motivation, however simple.

Brooks said @ 06/12/2005 06:28 AM PST

Very nice. Very soft feeling especially with the lighting. You should take one with her eyes open as well. It seems like she would have beautiful eyes. Great job.

Patrick said @ 06/12/2005 09:50 AM PST

I did.

Brooks said @ 06/12/2005 06:18 PM PST

Awesome. Just awesome.

DC said @ 06/13/2005 07:18 AM PST

Un blog des photos ou vous parlez francais?!?! Incroyable!

Thanks for posting this photo blog. You are immensely talented. Your photos have an elegant, soothing quality that I admire very much. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous Poet said @ 06/13/2005 08:26 PM PST

Gorgeous, moody and emotive. Wonderful shot.

susan B. said @ 06/26/2005 01:00 PM PST

Thanks everyone. It's kinda plain, but still speaks to me a little bit.

Brooks said @ 06/26/2005 06:58 PM PST

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