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06/07/2005: "Not People"

jblvrx (102k image)

What I've been up to lately...

I'm running a little short on people pictures to post until I get some film back and some retouching from a few recent jobs, but this is the kind of stuff that I spend a lot of my time doing. This was for JBL Pro Audio and was shot here in my studio with the speaker array hanging from a large beam in my ceiling. Because we're not professional sound riggers, it took three people to hang them, four if you count me taking a picture of the three other guys working. :-)

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I used to work with some audio engineering guys. they'd set up speaker systems for concerts. hanging these speakers is a lot of work, they weigh so much each. one time a pulley system had a hard time pulling an array up, the motor wouldn't go any more and we eventually had to send a guy up there to help the motor by actually pulling the cable up by hand.

anyway, cool picture!

Ryan said @ 06/07/2005 08:42 PM PST

Goodness. The studio looks so white!!!!!! Are ye angels now?

Alli said @ 06/07/2005 10:45 PM PST

Ooooh! Pretty speakers! Do you get to keep them? I wanna hear some of your huge record collection blaring across the alley!

DC said @ 06/08/2005 12:07 PM PST

Oh, to have studio space like that!

Wonderful lighting, man. The shine on the grilles is superb.

Alec Long said @ 06/08/2005 06:35 PM PST

Sonic! Captured in a photo. . . .

Anonymous Poet said @ 06/13/2005 08:27 PM PST

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