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06/06/2005: "Vinita Take Two"

vinita073 (90k image)

I swear she really knows how to play it...

As I was shooting this shot of Vinita of Lia-Fail, I was struck with the dilemma that viewers would see these pictures and automatically think it was just a model holding a guitar that she didn't know how to play. I mentioned it to her and after a few minutes wondering what to do, we just gave up and kept shooting. There's really nothing you can do other than to ugly her up and that wasn't an option.

camera/film: Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II digital. Canon EF 17-40mm f/4L @ 17mm.
One Speedotron head with a 30° grid spot as the main light and another with a 20° aimed back at her legs on low power just to get a little detail in the dark areas.

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Wonderful lighting!

Paul said @ 06/06/2005 03:47 PM PST

i really like her legs! big grin

Ryan said @ 06/06/2005 04:58 PM PST

she looks like hilary duff

Alli said @ 06/06/2005 06:50 PM PST

Oh my god, Alli, she would shoot you for saying that. It's her hugest pet peeve.

CJ said @ 06/06/2005 07:17 PM PST

Nah, it's ok... I've gotten used to it wink Thanx Brooks, cool pic!

Nita said @ 06/06/2005 09:59 PM PST

don't get me wrong, but perhaps pants and tennis shoes could have "uglied her up" enough to distract from her playing abilities?

otherwise, i love the lighting effects.

chris said @ 06/06/2005 10:33 PM PST

Wow, I've never looked at her and saw Hilary Duff. I see it a tiny bit in this picture, but not until Alli pointed it out.

Chris, your comment confused me a little. I just want to stress that Vinita plays guitar very well.

Brooks said @ 06/07/2005 06:56 AM PST

i was just making a suggestion that if one didn't want people to assume she was just a model holding a guitar, maybe a little less leg would help. heheh

she is quite beautiful, and from the music i've heard of her band, she wails a good guitar.

chris said @ 06/07/2005 10:35 AM PST

As a guitar player myself I have a fetish for women with guitars. This picture is HOT!

Shawn said @ 06/07/2005 03:05 PM PST

I love this shot because she looks like a "live action" version of those big-eyed pin-ups that are all over the blogosphere!

panthergirl said @ 06/08/2005 03:22 PM PST

Killer photo, Brooks. Love the spot lighting.

Alec Long said @ 06/08/2005 06:33 PM PST

Thanks everyone. Alec, it's because of my lighting style that my friend Rudy often calls me Johnny Gridspot.

Brooks said @ 06/08/2005 08:19 PM PST

Whow great composition, great lighting, great model. But who the fook is hilary duff? can't find her in your archives.

qck said @ 06/10/2005 02:41 AM PST

The "celebrity," not someone I shot.

Brooks said @ 06/10/2005 01:47 PM PST

Hmm you are more famous than she is to me, maybe it's an american thing, like americans don't know robbie williams. I am going to program mtv again. I will become a stranger to the world without that channel!

qck said @ 06/11/2005 03:35 AM PST

Great compo, fantastic use of the light and above all the totol picture is fab.

zjootsuite said @ 06/13/2005 01:12 AM PST

That'll get my attention!

Anonymous Poet said @ 06/13/2005 08:28 PM PST

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