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06/02/2005: "Carly - December 1991"

carly01 (114k image)

Stand back while I embarrass a dear friend...

Carly is graduating from high school and can finally take over the world. You can read about it in her new blog Urban Woman Faces Big World in Small Body. I've known Carly for a long time and it's weird to see her all grown up even though I've been around for most of the growing up. I shot a lot of pictures of her this day thirteen and a half years ago and some are hilarious, but this one strikes me as being all Carly at the time. You just know there's some mischief behind that "innocent" smirk. Oh yah... lots of big gears turning in that small head.

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Yikes! You know, I graduated from high school in 1991. Now I feel old....

Cute picture, I like the jumping one too. I really love photographing children. They are usually far less reserved with their expressions.

DC said @ 06/03/2005 07:15 AM PST

Of all the pictures of me you could have presented to the world...I'll get you for this.... you just wait and see.....

CJ said @ 06/03/2005 07:47 AM PST

What beautiful hair she has!

Willful Exposé said @ 06/03/2005 11:02 AM PST

Kind of a little cutie if I do say so myself. Pictures do indeed tell a thousand stories!

Jon Baas said @ 06/03/2005 10:22 PM PST

It's so funny to have everyone commenting on the young me... Brooks, you have to take some cool pictures of me next week and put one up so people can see that I'm not nearly as cute or as blonde as I previously was.

CJ said @ 06/04/2005 03:55 PM PST

Oh man.... that is really a great shot. I cannot wait to see the grown up Carly!

panthergirl said @ 06/08/2005 03:17 PM PST

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