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05/27/2005: "Old School"

derekallen01 (82k image)

I was going through some old negs...

...and found this lost gem. This was a friend of mine way back when. I have no idea what became of him. He was the younger brother of a guy I went to school with from elementary school on as we grew up in the same neighborhood. It's funny how the memory of actually shooting this is foggy at best.

camera/film: Hasselblad ELM. 150mm. Kodax Tri-X 100
lighting: Natural.

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mmm... too bad you knew him so long ago... he's yummy! Hey Brooks, I'm going to Europe. Aren't you jealous?

CJ said @ 05/28/2005 04:03 PM PST

Brooks: it's great that you share all these pics with us, not many professionals do it this way. I've learned some things bye just watching how you've used the light in your pics.

CJ: I live in Europe. Aren't you jealous? (just kidding btw, but please don't visit it like going to disneyworld because you'll miss most beauty when just following those tour guides.)


quinten said @ 05/29/2005 04:24 AM PST

Carly has been there before, but I have a feeling it's going to be a much different experience this time around. :-)

Brooks said @ 05/29/2005 07:31 AM PST

He has fabulous lips. I miss ya.

Alli said @ 05/31/2005 07:26 AM PST

~great face, good interaction w/ the lens...not too keen on the mix of light and shadow though...~

bttezra said @ 05/31/2005 11:14 AM PST

Yes, Quinten, I am extremely jealous. I am definately not doing the tourist thing, because you don't really get to learn about the people and culture at all if you do it that way. I'm going to London and Florence and Venice... so excited.

CJ said @ 06/01/2005 12:56 PM PST

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