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05/25/2005: "Jenny"

jenny01 (83k image)

A family wedding...

I have been known to shoot a few wedding pictures for family and friends. I refuse to be the main wedding photographer in most cases because the pressure is more than I care to handle. Besides, I like to relax on weekends, not work. Anyway, I think I remember mentioning that I was going to this wedding a while back and even thought I might throw a picture up. Well, this is all you're getting! Congrats to Jenny and Matt who wasted NO TIME in getting pregnant.

camera/film: Canon EOS1, EF 85mm 1.8 wide open.
lighting: Natural (I know... I have also been known to shoot without lights)

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HA! what a pair of rabbits. wink the pictures were beautiful, by the way!

Ryan said @ 05/25/2005 09:17 PM PST

~I/eye like how this shot tells a small story, one aspect of the entire event...~

bttezra said @ 05/26/2005 03:28 AM PST

Wow! I made the famous "Brooks Blog!" Thank Brooks! I cannot put into words how incredible your photos were. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

p.s. No, we didn't waste any time on the baby-making smile

Jenny said @ 05/26/2005 08:57 AM PST

I really liek this shot, the whole wedding day white theme works well.

Dallas said @ 05/26/2005 03:28 PM PST

This is a short story in one image. Really a lot going on here... and it is truly lovely.

Don Giannatti said @ 05/26/2005 06:34 PM PST

Thanks everyone, but besides Jenny herself, where are all the women? I thought they'd be on this post like crazy! :-)

Brooks said @ 05/26/2005 09:06 PM PST

there's an amazing contrast of the wedding "happy occasion" and yet the image somehow manages to conjure up a sense of inner sadness or reluctance - not sure why - the angle the flowers are held probably.
Great work all round

gout said @ 05/26/2005 11:59 PM PST

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