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05/20/2005: "Belky"

belkynude02 (147k image)

Belky was one of my favorite models, until...

Until she got a boob job. I've talked about this before, but some of the newer viewers don't know. Anyway, I did try to shoot her after the "enhancement," but it just never happened. I don't know if I would have been as happy with the pictures though. It's hard to look past a giant boob job and see the whole picture sometimes. The invitation is still always open though, so maybe some day I'll be proven wrong.

camera/film: Horseman LX 4x5, Schneider 360mm 6.8 Symmar-S. Polaroid Type 55 Pos/Neg.
lighting: One 2K hotlight.

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I see a lot of really beautiful girls ruin themselves with boob jobs in my line of work. It's a shame that women feel the need to get implants.

DC said @ 05/20/2005 07:37 PM PST

I think she is beautiful with her "normal" boobs. I like smallish to medium boobs. I've never understood why women want "hard softballs" on their chest. I bet she looks really fake now.

p.s. nice blog..i'll be back.

Melanie said @ 05/21/2005 02:04 PM PST

Man! What is wrong with her boobs? She looks this good and she thinks she needed a boob job? Insane.

RuKsaK said @ 05/23/2005 02:54 AM PST

Well I think she's got nice lips and sultry eyes... Cool pose...

john said @ 05/23/2005 08:02 PM PST

Can I just say -- SMOKIN'? ... Outstandingly beautiful shot ...

bob said @ 05/24/2005 03:43 PM PST

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