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05/16/2005: "Portrait of a Metal Singer"

vinitaT5501 (72k image)

This is Vinita. She sings and plays guitar in Lia-Fail, an all girl metal band...

I know Vinita through my friend Terry's daughter Carly and I invited them to the studio for a rock star photo shoot. I was looking for some music style stuff for my portfolio and they can always use more pictures, so we shot from four in the afternoon until one in the morning. I'll be showing more from the shoot as I get through it all. We shot A LOT of pictures. As far as tech info, the usual Type 55 Polaroid specs apply.

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Great stuff! The texture from the uncleared film is really nice.

DC said @ 05/16/2005 02:55 PM PST

Thanks DC.

Brooks said @ 05/17/2005 05:42 PM PST

hot mama!

Ryan said @ 05/17/2005 08:41 PM PST

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