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05/11/2005: "Roy Pete"

roypete3 (79k image)

Sorry for the lack of tech info. I'm super busy...

That's good for paying bills, but bad for blogging.

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Wow! I can't tell you how much I love this picture. The fact that the guy is native has nothing to do with it...I'm tired of seeing those women in moccasins surrounded by fluffy animals. I like art that is representative.

Alex said @ 05/11/2005 09:11 PM PST

Thats is a great picture, I can imagine it with color.

Dallas said @ 05/12/2005 05:55 PM PST

I visit here alot but never comment! Had to say WOW on that one, that is awesome!! All of them you do are but thats really a good shot!!!

Dianna said @ 05/13/2005 04:49 PM PST

Just gorgeous.....as always. wink

panthergirl said @ 05/14/2005 06:34 AM PST

Now that's fierce! Great job as always, Brooks. Sorry for my lack of commenting.

Willful Exposé said @ 05/14/2005 09:20 AM PST


susan B. said @ 05/15/2005 07:33 PM PST

Wow! Thanks you guys. I always get the most compliments when I don't expect them.

Brooks said @ 05/17/2005 05:39 PM PST

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